The Known World

The campaign starts on the rather small continent of Edel, which is on the world of Skist.

There is a island to the south west of the continent known as the Isle of hope. The capital city Dawn is located on the western coast of the island sprawled around the Bay of Dreams.

The Isle of Hope is connected to the mainland via a massive stone bridge, it is around 600 feet long, 50 feet wide and has 2 rows of Guard towers and Portcullis on either end. Magic was used to smooth and harden the bridge sides and base. The area between the island and the mainland is a gorge carved by the ocean. The cliffs are 300 feet high and run the entire length of the island and the water between is fast flowing tidal currents and dangeous rocks.

The towns of Eastbridge and Westbridge stand on either side of the bridge, they are essentially one town due to proximity but the citizens would never accept that.

The mainland is broken up into rich farming areas, forests, Mountains and open plains. The main farming area is to the south and south east of Eastbridge. It has a few towns scattered through it.

The Known World

The core of all Gormand