Races of Edel

The races of Edel are for the most part equal. The only major exception to this is the Genasi who run much of Edel.

Races that exist in Edel (All are playable except for Genasi) Dragonborn, Dwarf, Eladrin, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human, Gnome, Goliath, Half-Orc, Bugbear, Gnoll, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Kobold, Minotaur, Genasi.

Since the world was populated by refugees brought to Edel by the Genasi everyone was equal. The Genasi being the envoys of the Gods have taken it upon themselves to protect the people and ensure that Edel remains a peaceful place.

The races intermingle and in most places in the world you will find members of most races. However people stick with what they are comfortable with. Dwarves find themselves most comfortable surrounded by rock and so tend to favour mountain areas, Elves in the woodlands, Minotaurs roaming the plains. Despite this most people and places remain open to all and enclaves of a single race to the exclusion of others is rare.

Races of Edel

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