Deity's of Edel

There are only 7 Deity’s in Edel and they are

Bahamut – The God of Law, order and honour. The Genasi as the rulers of the land worship Bahamut along with the deity of their element.

Kord – God of Battle and the Storm. He is the protector of the people sending great storms to protect Edel from the outside world.

Melora – God of Nature, gives all things life. She works with Kord to keep the island safe from the outside creating great currents and treacherous seas to guard the people.

Moradin – God of Earth. People pray to him when building and mining.

Pelor – God of fire. He is the guiding light that all strive to follow.

Sehanine – God of Wind and illusion. She is the chaos to Bahamuts order, she likes to guide people to individuality blowing them off the normal course.

The Raven Queen – God of the underworld, guides the dead after they pass.

Deity's of Edel

The core of all Gormand