The core of all

Day 1

Having traveled far our adventurers strolled into Eastbridge the day after the first day of harvest. Instead of a celebration they were met with a scene of destruction. A great storm appeared to have hit the town with debris littering the town. As each person made their way through the town they found no other signs of life. The buildings all appeared empty, the town was deserted. As they entered the square they noticed 2 other people across the way. One is quite large, solidly built while the other is hard to pin down. His figure seems to shift and change even as you look at him. Tall, short, fat, thin his form is ever changing and at times almost invisible. Suddenly the shorter ones figure solidifies and you can see a smile on his face, he looks to the big man and as one they both look at our adventurers and raise their hands. s they do so the ground begins to shake violently and the air around you begins to shimmer. Suddenly there are 4 other figures around you all also struggling to stay standing as the ground lurches. The branchs and rubble that litter to square all flicker and as you watch turn into the bodies of men, women and children. The fountain full of water turns into a horror, a pile of bodies 10ft high. Earth rose and spun around the adventures, attempts to escape failed. One of them was slammed by a piller of earth shooting up from the ground killed instantly. As the earth slowed, it crumbled and left behind 3 creatures formed from the earth itself. After a quick battle the people looked around. They found tainted food and a sole survivor who could not quech his thirst no matter how much they drank. They took the survior to the gate leading to the bridge across to the Isle of Hope. They were met by a very surley guard who was quick to tell them that the way would remain closed until the Genasi give the word to open them. After a terse conversation and the survivor dying the party heads south to investigate the towns to the south.

As they head south they find empty farmhouses, the food on the crops that is so ready for harvest is all tainted as far as they can tell. They find a small town where they find their first signs of life, a pack of dogs that rip into the corpses of the dead yet seem immune to the taint that killed the people and animals in Eastbridge. The dogs are wild and crazy, even those that were clearly domesticated previously. The party holes up in an inn, finishing off the dogs from the upper floor before resting for the night.

In the morning the Party decides to head up to the Druids on the advice of the Seeker. They force march for the full day, tiring themselves significantly in the process. As they approched the edge of the forests small birds, hybrids of birds of prey and small foraging birds attacked the party causing a brief scuffle.

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